le disclaimer ❤

hiii. assalamualaikum. hihihi, hm. lemme introduce myself. wanna know bout me? *giggles* haha. firstly, my fullname is SITI NORSHAZLINA BINTI MOHD SAH. there's around 77percent people call me LINA. hehe, nice name, right? aww. ahahaha, thiz person born on 15th september 1999. anyone same bornday like me? now, put ur hands in theeeeeeee air, shake ur body down slow. aharkz, menyanyi puloks *facepalm* okay2 dont mad to me, ill continue. im rarely friendly xD if nice to me, ill be nice to you. ohya! i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oreo mcflurry and chocolate waffle! thts soooooooooooo doubletripleeeee DELICIOUS yummeh. hewhew. and i likeeeee mango smoothies wif pearl. omg D; k forget bout that. it makes me feels hungry and thirsty now -,- k. lemme show u 1-2 pictures of me. wanna see it? scroll down puhlesh *cuteface*
hehe, thts me wif my beloved motheeeeeeer. loveyou mom ;* muah2 pipi! ahaha.

eh eh eh! budak ni pemalu kan? ahahhaa :p

mama kata snyuman aku klau bergambar mcm FAKE. omg, my smile naturally like that mum ;( puhlesh terima snyuman anak mu ini. ahaha ceh. ;p


-looking for a good friend to communicate.
-domokun goodies.
-makes pipel laugh, especially to my classmate -,-
-pipel mention me in twitter xD to get rid of boredom.
-skype-ing x)
-chatting wif friends.
-sing a song.
-stalk people xD

hates much;

-cockroach -,-
-pepil who hates me much.

k if i have IDEA to update thizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bio, ill update later. seeya ;*